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947,000 сум / месяц
Трудимся 6 месяцев

  • Гарантия на 3 ключевых запросов

  • Поднятие ключевых фраз в топ-10 в Google. иначе мы вернем Вам деньги.

  • Cluster 2.0TM
  • Методология подбора ключевых слов который приносит прибыль.

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1,615,000 сум / месяц
Трудимся 6 месяцев

  • С Гарантия на 6 ключевых запросов

  • Поднятие ключевых фраз в топ-10 в Google, иначе мы вернем Вам деньги.

  • Cluster 2.0TM
  • Программа для подбора только прибыльных ключевых слов.

How does Local SEO work?

By and large, Local SEO works like a "regular" Google search, only taking into account the location of customers. When someone does a search, Google looks at its index to provide the best results for that person's query based on location. A unique feature of SEO optimization for local businesses is that Google uses a set of specific factors to get the data that is closest to the location. SEO in Tashkent has a set of unique distribution signals, including

  • The location the person is looking for (country, city, region, district)

  • List presence on Google

  • Google profile keywords

  • Keywords used in online reviews

  • Social Sharing Features

  • The Google Maps Rank for this business


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Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a website to increase traffic, leads, and brand awareness in every city throughout Uzbekistan.

Local SEO differs from regular SEO in that it requires a local and targeted approach, Common tasks related to local SEO include finding local keywords, optimizing company profile on Google

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