Internet Marketing solutions that drives Result


3,798,750 sum

Starter price


8,863,750 sum

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1,667,000 sum

Monthly fee


1,266,000 sum

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Internet Marketing Solutions that Drives Result

We met expectations more than 200 clients

«Long-term advertising with minimal costs»

It was only on this condition that I agreed to work with the advertising agency OQILA.

In response, I was asked to create a website and promote it to the top positions in Google in a natural way.

At that time, I had no idea about SEO. Since I had neither the time nor sufficient funds for advertising, I nevertheless agreed.

The results are amazing! Since 2017, I don't even think about advertising. And the flow of customers never stops.

Many people don't even think about SEO promotion. But, in my opinion, if you have long-term plans for a business, then the first step is to order a website and SEO advertising.

Shukhrat, Founder of the company for the production of corrugated board, Tashkent

We Went Till the End for the Needed Result

Website development

Let us to develop the most suitable website for you.

  • Wheather it would be website with couple of pages,

  • OR, maybe it“s time for you to open online store.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Are you still not sure about the effect of Google Ads?

  • We only offer the type of advertising that has the real money back, named SEO.

  • We do not deal with those types of advertising that have a low or temporary result.

Website design

Design is a first impression. It is targeted to convert website visitors to clients. People who think of design as just a good presentation are mistaken.

  • We work on your brand awareness by our naming and logo design services.

  • Also we work on web-design, which will rise your client“s trust .

While your competitors use traditional advertising tools, We guarantee the income!

Push your website development

What kind of service do you provide?

Our work style is modeled on the world's leading companies. Meet enthusiasts for your project

Project Manager

Responsible for the Quality of your Project


Specialists in Design, Marketing, Programming

Sales Manager

Person who always Notifies you when a Job is Leaving

Let's See some Numbers


Our clients prefer to continue working with us after 1 year of work. This is because of our friendship and our commitment.


A visitor to the site will also make a call. This applies to our local customer service providers.

We're just going to make a site on Google that generates revenue. This is the reason for the result.


A visitor to the site places an order. This applies to our Manufacturer customers.

As a result of our Internet marketing services, many manufacturers have gained customers.


I Understood The Necessity For Me Too

Our internet marketing experts are committed to increasing the number of site visits, the number of calls and, of course, revenue for many firms. They are willing to do the same for you.

Get a business proposal to create a site

“… We did not regret our investment … “

I have been to many places when I first started developing my startup. Many of those limited themselves to just the voice acting of the price.

When I came to the web studio OQILA, they first found out why I took up this business and how I am going to make money on it. Then, they explained to me how many business strategies can speed up my business.

If you are looking for a partner who, in addition to creating a website in technical terms, also thinks about the future aspects of your project, then I recommend them.

Bekzod, Startup Founder, Jizzakh

I studied abroad and was familiar with SEO.

Over time, she opened her own business. The first thing I did was to start advertising with SEO. The OQILA team helped me with this.

For the first 2 years we stayed on the market only due to this advertising on the Internet.

Thanks a lot!

Shakhzod, Founder of a private clinic, Tashkent

We have over 2000 distributors in Uzbekistan.

Each month, their income is calculated using a very complex formula.

We asked OQILA to automate this process. They have developed a system for us that works smoothly.

Now I can't even imagine assigning this case to other developers.

Shukrullo, Founder, Network Marketing Company, Namangan

SEO unsaved site - Dried tree

Is your site not profitable? You need to do SEO fast. We can estimate exactly how much SEO marketing will benefit you in advance. It's free, apply now.

Important values of our company

Our team consists of enthusiastic and talented designers, marketers and programmers. We have been working together since 2016.

We have armed the technologies tested to increase the revenue of our customers. We are proud of our achievements.